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  • In transaction OS07N, there is no History data available.
  • This is in regards to all SAP systems using the newer OS monitor described in note 1084019:
    • 1084019 - OS07N: New operating system monitor


  • In transaction OS07N, select History information in the left side navigation pane.
  • The data is not available in CPH (Central Performance History)
  • The data is not available in RZ20


  • The History data in OS07N is taken from the Central Performance History (CPH) that is activated and seen in transaction RZ23N.  Therefore you need to activate the Central Performance History as described in the following notes:
    • 1147334 - CPH activation of OS data for SAP Remote Services
    • 1084019 - OS07N: New operating system monitor
    • 994025  - Virtualized IBM in the operating system monitor
  • Also check if the 'Previous hours' data is available in OS07N.  If there is no Previous hours, there will also be no History.  The Previous hours data is taken from the RZ20 monitoring tree SAP CCMS Monitor Templates -> Operating System.  If there are white obsolete values here in RZ20, check if you have the problem described in the note 1697515 (also see related note 1752646):
    • 1697515 - Inconsistencies in OS monitoring
    • 1752646 - Operating system data is missing in RZ20
  • As described in note 1697515, problems may occur here if there is a mix of data collectors.  You can see this by selecting from the menu Views -> Status Data Collector.
  • In this case perform the relevant steps listed in the note 1697515 (and note 1752646 if applicable)



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