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Problem Definition:

In this tutorial I would like to discuss about an interesting problem which I faced while working in my last project .

Initially our client used to store and access their employee record in various infotypes and access them through a number of report programs. Each of the report contained one HR_READ_INFOTYPE to retrieve data on an employee stored in a specific infotype. So, if an employee's data is distributed in N infotypes the old logic needed 60 report programs.

The requirement is to retrieve all the data related to an employee and infotype from a single user interface i.e. selection screen and show data through ALV.

The problem is solved in three steps.viz. creating an internal table dynamically, creating a field catalogue dynamically and incorporate their functionality in main program along with other logic, the steps are specified in following links.

Theoretical Foundation and Case Analysis

Dynamic Creation of Internal Table as per the Input Infotype

Complete code for Dynamic Creation of Internal Table as per the Input Infotype

Create an ALV ( Using OOABAP )with dynamic Field-Catalog

Complete code for dynamic field catalog creation

Main program to access HCM data with dynamic creation of Internal table and Field catalogue

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  1. Former Member

    Nice Job Jim, works well and can be used for other applications besides displaying to ALV.