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There are obsolete entries in transaction ST06N, for instances that do not exist anymore



  • The instance names shown here in ST06N are based on the CCMS segment names in the transaction RZ21 -> Topology -> Segment overview
  • There may be an obsolete agent still registered for the old instance



  • Check in transaction RZ21 if there is an old obsolete agent registered for the old instance
  • In this case unregister the agent with the Edit/Change button (pencil icon) -> highlight the agent segment -> click the 'Deregister Agent' button (trash bin icon)
  • Open ST06 again and the old instance entry should be gone
  • If there is no agent for the old instance and ST06N still contains an obsolete entry, check in RZ21 -> Segment overview
  • Obsolete segments can be deleted from here with Edit -> highlight segment -> Delete Entry
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