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Within SAP, Output Management is responsible for managing different types of documents from the creation to the output. The earliest way of creating output files was the ABAPList. It was followed by the SAPscript technology, which was SAP's first form technology. After that, in release 4.6, SAP introduced Smart Forms, which eased the creation of form output by allowing modelling of logic and output using graphical tools. Finally, in release 6.40, SAP introduced Adobe forms, where the graphical editor was much more easy-to-use and had many more functionalities. Output was rendered exactly the same as what was designed in the editor (PDF). All of the above mentioned technologies are used nowadays too. For more information about these technologies visit their Wiki pages or scroll down and see the comparison table. 

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Output Management Wiki 

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Wiki pages of related technologies: 

Comparison of the different technologies: 

Technologies and  Aspects SAPscriptSmart Form Interactive Forms by Adobe 
First Release Since R/2Since R/3As of NetWeaver 6.40

Closed, but fixes are provided
For more information read SAP Note 2294198 - SAP S/4HANA output control - customized forms

Formatting (Colours, tables)No

See SAP Note 168368 - Smart Forms: New form tool in Release 4.6C

Layout Editor SAP Built-in Editor 

Adobe Lifecycle Designer
For more information read SAP Note 2763928 - Adobe LiveCycle Designer: Maintenance Strategy

Barcode support 

Yes, both old and new technologies
See in SAP Note  1557674 - Overview of bar code printing from SAP system

Yes, both old and new technologies
For further information visit the following Adobe Help page.

XML/HTML Generation  YesYes
Convert to PDF

Yes, but only PDF 1.3
Useful document: SAP Note 841850 - Unsupported PDF features with OTF conversion

PDF is the default output format 
PDF/A Generation 

Possible, but conversion is required
See in SAP Note  883381 - PDF/A support for SAPscript/Smart Forms archiving

Interactive PDF GenerationNot supported Available 
 Digital SignatureNot supported Available 
CostsPart of SAP Solution, no extra cost 

Extra cost can be occurred

For more information regarding the costs read the following documents:

Relies on
BC-CCM-PRN technology 

Yes, fully integrated

ABAP environment: integrated
Java environment: depends on scenario 
Limitations/ Capabilities 

SAP Note 152442 - SAPscript: Collective note

KBA 2458534 - How to find User Assistance for SMARFTORMS

SAP Note 1009567 - Functional differences between SAP Interactive Forms and Smart Forms

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  1. Unknown User (101atbe6f)


       Actually I'm working on smartforms which displays the print format of Standard PO through transaction ME23n.Under the Header Text their is a Special Conditions Text .In Special Condition text 12 different points are mentioned which printed at the last of the form.But the problem is only 7 points are printed and the page is not overfolw.Can anybody help me to overcome this problem?

    Thanks & Regards,

    sameek mazumder.