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  • Note 323736 - Restrictions with "PDF print" through spooler.
    • Barcodes of old technology are ignored (see also Note 430887 - PDF conversion: bar codes are not supported)
    • This note contains related notes for use of PDF converter with the following languages / code pages: Arabic, Baltic (ISO 8859-4), Hebrew (normal and ISO 8859-8), Turkish (ISO 8859-9), Thai for ABAP lists, West.special characters for Japanese, Greek, Cyrillic, CJK, Latin-2 (central Europe)
    • Note 919883 - Unicode: Euro character U+20AC not displayed in PDF
  • Note 488810 - Determining the device type for a certain language : SSF_GET_DEVICE_TYPE function module helps you to choose the device type according to the language (based on TSFDEVTY table). This FM works only if language is installed.
  • Note 762870 - Language-dependent selection of device type
  • Note 317851 - Creating PDF format using the SAP spooler in 4.6C/4.6B/4.5B
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