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A wiki for myself and everybody who is interested in developing ABAP using POWL(s).


Most of the content will answer questions on how to use POWL. So if you also have experience with POWL and know some cool features not listed here, please leave a link or just contact me via SCN or email.

A small Getting started documentation

Getting Started

SAP Help Site

POWL A very big resource of POWL with a lot of links included

HowTo Guide with an Powerpoint -- Official Site <-- This is really impressive. You won't need more information to develop and publish your first POWL

How to Use POWER Lists <–A cool guide to hand to the users which need to work with it

Quick fixes 

Helpful classes and interfaces:


Put a color into a specific field:

Fieldcatalog - fill color and set the ref_field color (1 to 19 is allowed)


POWL button availability - Debugging Guide

Put a button in each line


Put a button in specific line

additional to the doing above you just need to perform two more steps.

First is you have to define a field in your structure which is filled with active flag ( it is just a X, so you should use the boolean) The example here uses the highlighted field AUTH.

This field is now additional added as a referencefield to the field-catalog. (I didn't use a constant on that, because I believe if someone changes the fieldcat any time, it should catch the eye)

Now that we have a button we also need to define an action_id behind. That means, we need to define the button a little different.

The constant gc_action_release contains value RELBL which is also a column inside the structure (see above for more details).

Important sidenote is, that the displayed text is just a reference of this field! So as handled above the field text is useless in this context!

Through this you are now able to recieve the action_id ('RELBL') inside your method handle_action and react in a proper way

Now there is a small hint missing. What about the changed rows. If you want to have a message appering that data is unsaved as seen below

use these two parameters of method handle_action

e_result_lines_changed <-- set it to get the information.

After your implemented processing set the e_changes_processed to true, at that moment the popup will not appear anymore.


Navigate from your powl to a transaction

POWL - HowTo Navigate to a transaction via OBN

Include a progressbar in each line

will follow the next few days

How to use dynamic date (calculated date)

Dynamic date HowTo

No available right now(sad)

Upcoming entries:

Transaction POWL_EASY - A HowTo Guide and what the easy stands for.

 Overview of POWL-Packages











I will add several sites and demos for the different possibilities over the next month. So stay tuned





Overview picture of necessary transactions (only customizing)

This is an overview of the "old" transactions which shows how these work together. Today you are also able to do all these steps via powl_cockpit, but for understanding purpose I like the single transactions more.

Here are all listed:





Maintain POWL categories


Easy-POWL Feeder Builder
POWL_QUERYMaintain POWL Query definition
POWL_QUERYRMaintain POWL Query role assignment
POWL_QUERYUMaintain POWL Query user assignment
POWL_TYPEMaintain POWL Type definition


Maintain POWL Type role assignment
POWL_TYPEUMaintain POWL Type user assignment


Additional Sources:

POWL Reports <-- Good overview of the different Reports which help you to maintain your POWL-Load

POWL as Odata ← You can transform every powl you ever made - But it is just the Select-Criterias and the get_objects (No Actions are transformed)

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