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Ever thought how to transform your POWL to a FIORI-App or something else using Odata

Hint: If the selection in the end won't work as expected, check if this little bug is the reason for.

POWL as Odata - Selection do not work as expected


Good News, you just need to perform a view Steps to archive it


First you have to give your Hierachie-Id a technical name

TA: /ui2/powl

Second step you need to register the queries you want to publish. Of course these queries need to be connected to your POWL (Transactions are POWL_QUERY + POWL_QUERYR)

Third step is important, you need to fill in your keys of each query seperate! The reason behind is, that an Odata cannot live without a key-field and this customizing generates the structures for your Odata. So make sure you find a unique set of fields to specify the key.

Now you go to transaction/iwbep/reg_service

Here we have to register our Odata-Service and generate the model from the steps before.

  • Data Provider Class: /UI2/CL_POWL_APPLID_DATA
  • Technical Model Name: Enter the technical name that you specified in step 1.
  • Model Provider Class: /UI2/CL_POWL_MODEL_CUST

You can check, if everything is fine, when you click on Configuration (something wrong, you will recognize it because the system gives you a short dump:-))

IF you want to enhance your service, you need to create a enhancement (shown in the middle), but that is a optional step.


Now you need to register your service at the gateway, but that is similar to every other service you want to publish.

Transaction: /iwfnd/maint_service


Have Fun.





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