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When you print a SAPScript or Smartform spool that has more than one page, the pages get superimposed onto a single page during printing.


Print a multiple-page document. The spool looks fine in print preview, but when print it there is only a single page of paper and each page of the spool is printed onto it.

You are using a custom page format with a Windows device type like SAPWIN, and there is no formfeed command in the action 'End Of Page'.


Add the formfeed command to your custom page format (as it is for standard Windows device type formats like SAPWIN) as follows:

  1. Go to transaction SPAD → Full administration → Device Types tab → select the device type you are using, eg. SAPWIN
  2. Click the Formats button → double-click the custom page format you are using → double-click 'End of page'
  3. Add the formfeed command \f and save:
    # formfeed

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