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When we have an xml string and that needs to be converted into object, we need to parse the xml string.

Like the other languages in ABAP we have standard ixml interfaces to parse and process the xml, Steps are as follows:

Interface IF_IXML (this is a factory actually) : CL_ixml=>create() – will give me and instance of the Factory. This is the main factory, which will then give me instances of other factories

Then we need to create an XML document (Interface for this is IF_IXML_DOCUMENT) – Use the factory instance obtained above to create the document (……->CREATE_DOCUMENT)

This document is to be parsed. For this we  need:

  • Blank Document instance (obtained from the above factory)
  • Stream – which will then point to the actual XML that we need to parse (….>…>CREATE_ISTREAM_STRING) . No separate factory for this. The STREAM FACTORY has a method which will then help you create the stream. It is in this method that we pass the XML which needs to be parsed.
  • We have to create now a Parser – IF_IXML_PARSER. The main factory itself can be used to create the parser (…….….->CREATE_PARSER : Here we have to pass Document, Stream Factory and the stream instances)

Once the Parser instance is ready, call the method PARSE. Thereafter, use the STREAM instance and call the method CLOSE, in order to close the stream

To point to a Node, we need an instance declaration of node type – IF_IXMl_NODE

Example: Test.xml

***************************Report code

Error rendering macro 'code': Invalid value specified for parameter 'com.atlassian.confluence.ext.code.render.InvalidValueException'
****Data declaration

  data : lif_ixml type ref to if_ixml ,
        lif_ixml_document type ref to if_ixml_document ,
        lif_ixml_stream_factory type ref to if_ixml_stream_factory ,
        lif_ixml_istream type ref to if_ixml_istream ,
        lif_ixml_parser type ref to if_ixml_parser ,
        lif_ixml_parse_error type ref to if_ixml_parse_error ,
        lif_ixml_node type ref to if_ixml_node,
        node          type ref to if_ixml_node.

data : lt_xml_error type dts_tty_xml_error ,
        lt_xml_error_field type dts_tty_xml_error ,
        lv_error_count type i ,
        lv_index type i.

  data : lif_ixml_node_list type ref to if_ixml_node_list ,
        lif_ixml_node_iterator type ref to if_ixml_node_iterator ,
        lif_ixml_node1 type ref to if_ixml_node ,
        lif_ixml_node_list1 type ref to if_ixml_node_list ,
        lif_ixml_node_iterator1 type ref to if_ixml_node_iterator ,
        lv_type type i ,
        lv_name type string ,
        lv_xml type string,
        lv_value type string .  

****Upload the attached text xml into variable lv_xml

****Show the xml which will be Parsed
     xml_string   = lv_xml    " XML in String

**-- Create the Main Factory
 lif_ixml = cl_ixml=>create( ).

**-- Create the Initial Document
 lif_ixml_document = lif_ixml->create_document( ).

**-- Create a Stream Factory
 lif_ixml_stream_factory = lif_ixml->create_stream_factory( ).

**-- Create an Input Stream
 lif_ixml_istream       = lif_ixml_stream_factory->create_istream_string( string = lv_xml ).

**-- Create a Parser
 lif_ixml_parser = lif_ixml->create_parser(
     document       = lif_ixml_document
     istream        = lif_ixml_istream
     stream_factory = lif_ixml_stream_factory

**-- check errors in parsing
 if lif_ixml_parser->parse( ) <> 0.
   if lif_ixml_parser->num_errors( ) <> 0.
     lv_error_count = lif_ixml_parser->num_errors( ).
     lv_index = 0.
     while lv_index < lv_error_count.
       lif_ixml_parse_error = lif_ixml_parser->get_error( index = lv_index ).
       append initial line to lt_xml_error assigning <fs_xml_error>.
       <fs_xml_error>column_name = lif_ixml_parse_error>get_column( ).
       <fs_xml_error>line = lif_ixml_parse_error>get_line( ).
       <fs_xml_error>reason = lif_ixml_parse_error>get_reason( ).
       lv_index = lv_index + 1.

**-- Close the Input Stream after Parsing
 lif_ixml_istream->close( ).

***Nevigate to the 'DATA' node of xml
 lif_ixml_node = lif_ixml_document->find_from_name( name = 'DATA' ).
 ***Get name of the node name will be DATA
 lv_name = lif_ixml_node->get_name( ).
 ***In order to process childs of DATA node we need to create iterator using its childerns
 lif_ixml_node_list = lif_ixml_node->get_children( ).
 lif_ixml_node_iterator = lif_ixml_node_list->create_iterator( ).

***Loop on actions
 while lif_ixml_node is not initial.
   lv_name = lif_ixml_node->get_name( ).
   IF lif_ixml_node->get_name( ) = 'ACTION'.
     lif_ixml_node1 = lif_ixml_node->get_first_child( ).
     lif_ixml_node_list1 = lif_ixml_node->get_children( ).
     lif_ixml_node_iterator1 = lif_ixml_node_list1->create_iterator( ).
 ***Loop at fields
     WHILE lif_ixml_node1 is NOT INITIAL.
       lv_name = lif_ixml_node1->get_name( ).
 ****element node
       node = lif_ixml_node1->get_first_child( ).

      IF node->get_name( ) = 'NAME'.
         IF node->get_value( ) = 'VBAK-AUART'.
           node = node->get_next( ).
           node->set_value( value = 'Test1' ).
         IF node->get_value( ) = 'VBAK-VKORG'.
           node = node->get_next( ).
           node->set_value( value = 'Test2' ).
         IF node->get_value( ) = 'VBAK-VTWEG'.
           node = node->get_next( ).
           node->set_value( value = 'Test3' ).
         IF node->get_value( ) = 'VBAK-SPART'.
           node = node->get_next( ).
           node->set_value( value = 'Test4' ).
         IF node->get_value( ) = 'VBAK-VKBUR'.
           node = node->get_next( ).
           node->set_value( value = 'Test5' ).
         IF node->get_value( ) = 'VBAK-VKGRP'.
           node = node->get_next( ).
           node->set_value( value = 'Test6' ).
         IF node->get_value( ) = 'VBAK-AUGRU'.
           node = node->get_next( ).
           node->set_value( value = 'Test7' ).
 ***Get the next field under action
       lif_ixml_node1 = lif_ixml_node_iterator1->get_next( ).
 ***Set the node to next node
   lif_ixml_node = lif_ixml_node_iterator->get_next( ).

***To show the xml on selection screen
 *call function 'SDIXML_DOM_TO_SCREEN'
 *  exporting
 *    document = lif_ixml_document.

data : xml TYPE XSTRING.
 call function 'SDIXML_DOM_TO_XML'
     document            = lif_ixml_document
    XML_AS_STRING       = xml
     xml_xstring  = xml    " XML in XString



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  1. What about a situation when you have 100 fields? Would you still use  IF node->get_value( ) = .... ? I think you should come up with something dynamic.

  2. If possible, use a Simple Transformation (Transaction STRANS), it is much easier.