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In order to output postscript data from SAP (for example Chinese) file  Dfngb is required on the server (located on the physical file system).

It is possible to check the profile parameter via SA38 -> RSPARAM or AL11 DIR_DATA directory structure.

Extract from note 83502 is very helpful:

Installation instructions for SPOST device types for a SAP application server with spool service:

   -  SET the profile parameter 'rspo/devinit/datafile' to

      rspo/devinit/datafile =
           /usr/sap/$(SAPSYSTEMNAME)/$(INSTANCE_NAME)/data/D++++++++ (8 plus signs)

      Note: Please pay attention to the number of "+" after the
      letter "D".

   -  COPY the PostScript font file for the device type (e.g. Dfntis
      for THSPOST) to the SAP application server into directory:


   -  RESTART the application server,

   -  DEFINE an output device with SPOST device type

   -  PRINT from SAP using this output device

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