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You want to print the new Indian Rupee sign as outlined in the note 1503523:

  • 1503523 - Indian Rupee Sign , U+20B9



When printing with a cascading device type like SWINCF, the character must be available in the Windows fonts on OS level



  1. You can print the character using SWINCF (note 812821 - Cascading Font settings)
    1. To print using SWINCF you must print to a remote Windows print server with SAPSprint (access method S) or else with frontend printing through your Windows PC (access method G)
  2. A further requirement for this Rupee symbol is that you have a Windows font installed on Windows OS level which contains the Rupee character at the correct Unicode position U+20B9
    1. For example, if you use the Windows Character Map and check the standard Windows font Arial Unicode MS, you will see that this does not contain any U+20B9 Rupee sign
    2. Therefore you need to obtain a font file which does contain the Indian Rupee Sign U+20B9 and install it on Windows OS level (SAP does not provide font files like this)
  3. An alternative to using a cascading device type like SWINCF is the Unicode Printing Enhancement (UPE) described in note 1812076.  The Unicode Printing Enhancement works for PCL and postscript device types and is only available with the system release and kernel levels outlined in the note:
    • 1812076 - Unicode Printing Enhancement (UPE)
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