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You want to print to specific output bins when printing Smartform, SAPScript, or ABAP List documents



There are particular requirements to print to a specific output bin, depending on the type of document printed



  1. Usually the output bin is selected when printing through the POSS (print options for SAPscript/SmartForms) Additional Options for SAPScript and Smartforms.  You can make output bin and tray settings at print time using the 'Additional Options' button (available only with certain POSS device types and printers).  See note 1049778 regarding this:
    • 1049778 - Additional print options for SAPscript/Smart Form
  2. There are also further options with print tickets for output bins in notes 1285632 and 1729666:
    • 1285632 - Print ticket for POSS print options
    • 1729666 - Enhanced print options for ADS printing
  3. Note 542736 has an older alternative method for Smartforms:
    • 542736 - Controlling input and output bins for Smart Form
  4. If you want to send ABAP Lists to a specific output bin, then you need to edit the printer initialization commands with a custom device type like HPLJ4
    1. For example to print an ABAP List to output bin 5, create a custom copy of HPLJ4 called ZHPLJ4_5
    2. Go to the list format that you need to print to, eg. X_65_132, double-click on Printer initialization, and enter the command:
      • @PJL SET OUTBIN = BIN5 \r\n
    3. This command may also be printer dependent, depending on the make and model of printer you are using


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