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What is an Output type (Message type) ? (source SAP Help)

An output type (or also a "condition type") summarizes messages of the same meaning. It contains parameters that are valid for all its assigned messages, for example appropriate partner functions.


For each transmission medium, one form routine in a program is assigned to the output type. This form routine is called for processing the message (message status record).

Output type processing

Output types or message types are processed from business transactions like vt02n, me22n etc.

When an message type is processed it runs the associated form routine of the output type, but in certain cases we may require to process the message type through our program so we will see how to do that. 

Processing of output types through program.

The Message Status Record (table NAST) contains information about when to start processing programs and which parameters are used. When the processing program has been called, a processing status is written.

So to process a message type through our program we have to create these parameters in the NAST table.


1 Create an internal table and work area of type nast.

          DATA: it_nast type standard table of nast,

                wa_nast type nast.

2 Now assign values to the work area.

                     wa_nast-mandt  = sy-mandt.
            wa_nast-kappl  = <appropriate value>."Application area
            wa_nast-objky  = <appropriate value>."object key. Po, shipment etc 
            wa_nast-kschl  = <output type>."output type to be processed
            wa_nast-spras  = <appropriate value>."language 
            wa_nast-parnr  = <appropriate value>."message partner 
            wa_nast-parvw  = <appropriate value>."partner function 
            wa_nast-erdat  = sy-datum."current date
            wa_nast-eruhr  = sy-uzeit."current time 
            wa_nast-nacha  = <appropriate value>."message transmission medium 
            wa_nast-anzal  = '01'."number of messages 
            wa_nast-vsztp  = <appropriate value>."Dispatch time 
            wa_nast-vstat  = '0'."processing status

3 Now Update the NAST table with the fm 'RV_MESSAGE_UPDATE_SINGLE'

                        call function 'RV_MESSAGE_UPDATE_SINGLE'
                msg_nast = wa_nast.

4 Process the output type using the fm 'WFMC_MESSAGES_PROCESS'

                        data: lt_msg_nast type table of msg0,

                  ls_msg0 like msg0,

                  t_disp  type table of naliv2.

            move-corresponding wa_nast to ls_msg0.
            append ls_msg0 to lt_msg_nast.

          call function 'WFMC_MESSAGES_PROCESS'
            pi_display_id                = 'NALIV2'
            pi_no_dialog                 = 'X'
            tx_messages               = lt_msg_nast
            tx_display                = t_disp.

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