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1.    If the IDOC status is 03

        Execute the program RBDMOIND.

        IDOC status will change to 12 indicating successful posting of Application document.   

2.     If IDOC status is 30.

         Execute program RSEOUT00.

         Mention the idoc number.

         IDOC status will change to 03, indicating IDOC passed to application and posted successfully.

3.       The ABAP RSNAST00 is the standard routine to send IDocs from entries in the message control. This
          program can be called directly,  while having the structure NAST

         correctly filled with all necessary information.
4.      If there is an entry in table NAST, RSNAST00 looks up the associated processing
         routine in table TNAPR. If it is to send an IDoc with standard means, this will
       usually be the routine RSNASTED(EDI_PROCESSING) or
       RSNASTED(ALE_PROCESSING) in the case of ALE distribution.
5.    RSNASTED itself determines the associated IDoc outbound function module,
       executes it to fill the EDIDx tables and passes the prepared IDoc to the port.

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  1. Unknown User (edwy5ot)

    you can use the report RC1_IDOC_SET_STATUS to change any IDOC status to any other IDOC status you want. (unfortunatly this works only on ECC systems)