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The RZ20 node \R3Abap\Shortdumps does not notify all Shortdumps which are reported in ST22


The \R3Abap\Shortdumps MTE will only create an alert if the shortdump is caused by a real ABAP program processing issue.

The full RZ20 path to the \R3Abap\Shortdumps MTE is:  SAP CCMS Monitor Templates -> Entire System -> <SID> -> Application Server -> <instance> -> R3Abap -> Shortdumps


  • Shortdumps have a category, which you can check in the table SNAPTID.  Only dumps with category 'A' (ABAP Programming Error) are reported in the MTE \R3Abap\Shortdumps.  For example the short dump DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR has the category 'O', so this will not be reported in \R3Abap\Shortdumps.
  • There is no standard monitor in RZ20 for all shortdumps that appear in ST22.
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