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Relevant ALV Grid Programs:
BCALV_GRID_01 -> This program illustrates how the events for print processing PRINT_TOP_OF_PAGE, PRINT_END_OF_PAGE, PRINT_TOP_OF_LIST, and PRINT_END_OF_LIST are handled. The corresponding handler methods control the appearance of the list printed.

BCALV_GRID_02 -> Show a detail list in a modal window. There is no second dynpro needed in contrast to BCALV_GRID_03.

BCALV_GRID_03 ->This program implements a function on event DOUBLE_CLICK. According to the selected line data from table SBOOK is selected and displayed by a second ALV Control in a dialog dynpro.

BCALV_GRID_04 illustrates the use of exceptions (lights). According to the values of SFLIGHT-SEATSOCC, the lights are set to 1 (red), 2 (yellow) or 3 (green).

BCALV_GRID_05-> Demonstrate the creation of an own toolbar button.

BCALV_GRID_06 ->Demonstrate the creation of an own context menu.

BCALV_GRID_07 ->Append a menu button to the standard toolbar.

BCALV_GRID_08-> Append a menu with default button to the standard toolbar.  It is exactly the same as BCALVC_TB_WITH_MENU except for methods HANDLE_MENU_BUTTON and HANDLE_TOOLBAR.

 Editable ALV grids

BCALV_EDIT_01 ->This report illustrates the simplest case of using an editable/no editable ALV Grid Control.

BCALV_EDIT_02 ->This report illustrates how to set chosen cells of an ALV Grid Control editable.

BCALV_EDIT_03 ->in this example the user may change values of fields SEATSOCC (occupied seats) and/or PLANETYPE.

The report checks the input value(s) semantically and provides protocol messages in case of error

BCALV_EDIT_04-> This report illustrates how to add and remove lines to a table using the ALV Grid Control and how to implement the saving of the new data.

 BCALV_EDIT_05-> This example shows how to use checkboxes within an ALV Grid Control. You learn:

                (1) How to define a column for editable checkboxes for an attribute of your list

                (2) How to evaluate the checked checkboxes

                (3) How to switch between editable and non-editable checkboxes

BCALV_EDIT_06-> This example shows how to define a dropdown list box for all cells of one column in an editable ALV

Grid Control.

BCALV_EDIT_07 ->This example shows how to define dropdown list boxes for particular cells of your output table.

BCALV_EDIT_08-> This report implements an ALV Grid Control with an application specific F4 help. The following aspects are dealt with:

                (1) How to replace the standard f4 help

                (2) How to pass the selected value to the ALV Grid Control

                (3) How to build an f4 help, whose value range depend on a value of another cell. 

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