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The book is entitled "SAP - A map of the minefield" and this is a very appropriate title, especially as it is so easy to make really basic errors without realising it until it is too late. It explains the "do's and don'ts" but more importantly it explains the logic behind the suggestions rather than just making statements and laying down rules.

It is not a technical book and can be read from cover to cover or you can read individual sections that are relevant to your current involvement.

There are sections that explain the many reasons why there are so many horror stories about failed or poor implementations with ways to avoid this happening.

There are sections that describe basically what SAP is and why it is so different, particularly to those who are working indirectly in the SAP world or are possibly about to be.

The latter sections of the book deals with specific areas of SAP that are frequently misunderstood and cause most of the problems. By explaining the intended use of certain specialist functions in SAP it helps you to understand if they are going to be appropriate and if so how to get the most out of the functionality.

There are sections that cover the problems of training end users during an implementation, show them too little and they will feel totally lost in the power and complexity that is involved in an SAP system, show them too much and they will feel swamped and confused. There is a way to find the ideal level and this is explained in detail.

If you are involved in recruiting staff, either as a recruitment agency or as part of the HR department of a company that use SAP, then there is a section that should help you understand more about SAP in relation to filling positions with the right people.

The author has been implementing integrated business systems for over 25 years and SAP systems for 15 years

From the Author
If you have experienced an SAP implementation or are about to then you know how scary it can be. This book should help reduce some of your fears and help you to get more out of the whole experience. If your organization is about to have SAP implemented or if you are thinking of implementing SAP then by reading this book first you can potentially save a huge amount of time and money and obtain maximum ROI.

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