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  • Is there any option to activate table logging only for few particular tables?  Can logging be switched off for all other tables?                                                               

If you put on table logging, than all customizing tables will be logged by default, it is not possible to log only one table, without putting off logging for all other customizing tables within the technical settings. There exists no tool to maintain more tables at the same time, you need to set the flag manually for each table within transaction SE13, and afterwards activate the technical settings. Another possibility is writing an Batch Input program for transaction SE13. 

Please note, within SAP-standard only customizing tables will be logged, therefore there should be no high system load, because the content of customizing tables will not be changed very often in a running system. Therefore it should not be necessary to put off logging for all those tables, but this is your personal choice. Additionally normally those customer entries will be imported from the development system, and this you can control separately, please read SAP-note 84052.

  • SAP default customizing entries are missing within the customer client, how can it be adjusted with client 000?

SAP only delivers client 000 with default customizing. It is no inconsistency if customizing is missing in the customerclient, the most easy way to adjust entries with client 000 is while performing the customizing activities. If you open the activities you can do an adjustment with client 000 with navigating over the menue with Utilities -> Adjustment. There exists no automatism to adjust the whole customizing automatically Also if you start a comparison run, the entries needs to be adjusted manually. Therefore it is better to adjust the entries while you perform your customizing activities.                                           
The most recommended way is doing customizing only in the development system, and afterwards transport it to the following systems.          
Additionally normally you copy the SAP-default entries to customerspecific entries. Therefore it is not so important, if SAP-default entries do not exist, because they are not used in the     
most cases.

To do:                                                            
- log on to your customer Client                                    
- start the IMG-activity, where you miss data                      
- navigate over the menue Utilities -> Adjustment                  
- chose the R/3 connection which points to client 000              
- choose the entries which you want to adjust                      
- press button 'Adjust'                                            
- press button 'Entry' or 'Field' or 'All'                         
- go back with the green Arrow for two times                       
- confirm the question                                             
   Data has been changed by adjustment                            
   Copy changes?                                                  
  with Yes                                                         
If you have no R/3 connection which points to client 000 than you need to create this connection within transaction SM59.

  • How can be found out, if customizing data can be adjusted with another client?

the possibility to adjust will be defined by the responsible developer of a view. You can take a look with transaction SE54:                           
- enter the view                                                       
- press the radiobutton 'Generated Objects'                            
- press the button 'Display'                                           
- within frame 'Dialog Data Transport Details' you can find the 'Compare Flag', which decides, if a view can be adjusted, or not.    
A view can be adjusted, if the 'Compare Flag' has the value 'Automatically Adjustable'.                                                
Please do not change the 'Compare Flag'.                              
the compare flag of a viewcluster you can find as follows:           
start transaction SE54                                               
press button 'Edit View Cluster'                                     
enter the viewcluster                                                
press button Display                                                  
If an object is not adjustable than you can transport the entries from client 000, or manually create the missing entries.                   

  • How can the corresponding IMG-activities for a customizing object be found?   

for Table or Maintenence Views

- start transaction SM30

- enter the object within field 'Table/View'

- press button 'Customizing

for Viewclusters

- start transaction SM34

- enter the object within field 'View cluster'

- press button 'Customizing

  • The access to the reference IMG should be restricted, how can this be done?

- create one or more IMG-projects within transaction SPRO_ADMIN

- start transaction 'PFCG'

- select a role

- navigate to tab title 'Menu'

- navigate over the menu 'Utilites' -> 'Customizing auth.'

- add one ore more IMG projects

- maintain the authorities


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