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W2 and W2c forms are PDF based forms or referred to as ADS based forms. These are interactive forms and ADS is an acronym for Adobe Document Services. These forms can be generated from the SAP application transactions such as PU19.

You might be familiar with the PY-US component in SAP's OSS message support system. For new members or one's new to this topic or experienced members just looking for more information this component allows you to process payroll for employees in the United States, using data from SAP Personnel Administration and Benefits under a wide variety of configurations.
You can also run payroll using a combination of SAP and third party products. The SAP Payroll system also offers a number of standard payroll reports. The Tax Reporter component allows you to generate all the required state and federal tax forms, such as SUI reports and W-2s. FPayroll Infotype.urther reports can be generated using Ad Hoc Query in conjunction with an SAP Payroll Infotype.

A problem that some users of these forms experience is when using transaction PU19 and generating two or more W2's or W2c forms. You might want to save the pdf forms to their PC desktop. You'll notice that multiple spool requests are generated at one time. You can scroll through all pdf forms but you do not want to not save each spool separately. Your goal is to have all generated forms in one readable format, that being the pdf file saved to your desktop and not in separate documents.

A solution exists.

There is a solution with the latest SAPPDFPRINT and the latest SAPGUI patch. The latest SAPPDFPRINT is already available on the SAP Marketplace. Refer to the following note about SAPPDFPRINT its 1444342 - Device type-independent printing of interactive forms

Also don't forget to use the latest SAPGUI 7.20 patch (at least level 7 should be available as of June) for this to work.

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