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There are short dumps with the following information:


Category               Internal Kernel Error







Information on where terminated

     Termination occurred in the ABAP program "SAPLSWF_CCMS" - in


     The main program was "RSAL_BATCH_TOOL_DISPATCHING ".



At the same time there are TIME_OUT short dumps for RSWF_XI_UNSENT_MSGS.



The short dumps occur during the execution of report RSWF_XI_UNSENT_MSGS.  The reason is that not enough memory can be allocated.



The report is part of the CCMS monitoring for the Business Process Engine and is triggered by the CCMS.  By deactivating the monitor tree element (MTE) in the CCMS the report is not triggered anymore and then the short dump does not occur anymore.  The purpose of this report is finding the process instances, and with them, the messages that were created within a process instance, but which have not yet been sent. Unsent messages can be a result of modelling, administration or system errors.


This report is only an analysis tool. It does not influence the business process engine or the process instances.  When the report is called by the CCMS it analyses each process instance of your system. The report can also be executed without CCMS. In this case you can restrict the number of process instances by selection criteria like process type, creation date, status.  For more information about this report, please take a look at the note # 897958 BPE-RUN: Finding unsent messages


As this report is only an analysis tool, if you wish you can let the MTE be deactivated and execute the report directly without CCMS. Then you can analyse specific process types or all process instances e.g. of the current day. If you need to have the analysis periodically you could also schedule a background job with a variant. When you use the report like this you would avoid that the report analyses each process instance of your system.  You can execute the following actions to de-activate the program which is tied to the CCMS.


You can deactivate the monitoring tree element as follows:

* Call transaction RZ20

* Display nodes of the Business Process Engine:

  SAP CCMS Technical Expert Monitors -> All Monitoring Contexts ->  <system>_ <client>_Business Process Engine


* Activate maintenance function:  Choose 'Extras' -> Activate maintenance function'.


* Expand the following part of the node

  <system>_ <client>_Business Process Engine

  <system>_ <client>_Business Process Engine -> Process Data ->   XML messages

  Mark the monitor tree element 'Unsent messages'


* Deactivate the monitor tree element via menu -> Edit -> Nodes (MTE) ->  Deactivate  

Now the description of the MTE 'Unsent messages' is   <<< Node is deactivated >>>


* Deactivate the maintenance function:   Menu -> Extras -> Deactivate maintenance function

Now the function is de-activated

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