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Under construction

This document was originally created by the SAPlink plugin for Eclipse development team during the creation of the plugin. To make this information available for everyone interested in ABAP AiE SDK development this page was moved to this space.

Documentation for AiE SDK Consumers

Mission Statement

Make ABAP projects on Code Exchange run better!

"Make it as easy as possible to contribute to an ABAP open source project which is hosted on SDN Code Exchange"


  • Lookup Code Exchange Issue
  • Checkout Code from Code Exchange
  • Deploy Code to ABAP Backend (if SAPlink is not yet installed deploy from AiE)
  • Fix Issue using ABAP in Eclipse
  • Test in ABAP in Eclipse
  • Checkout Code from ABAP Backend
  • Commit Code to Code Exchange
  • Set Issue to Ready to test and Fixed

Eclipse Plugin

ABAP Backend

General design documents