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SAPscript is a tool for text management and form printing. It consists of the following components:
  • An editor for entering and editing text styles and forms for designing the print layout
  • It is also used for internal text processing
  • A composer, which is the central module for output formatting. The task of the composer is to format a text with the relevant formatting information for a specific output device. This information is taken from the underlying style and form.
  • A programming interface for integrating components in your own application programs and programming the output using forms
  • Database tables STXH, STXL and SXTB for storing texts, styles and forms

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SAPscript Wiki

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Common Topics


  1. Unknown User (p7o6j0g)

    how to create standard text in tcode SO10 with example

  2. Getting Sap script Error Could not connect Object / Code: 80020009 / Source: Wscipt.CreateObject


    We are experiencing a strange issue where some users are receiving the following error when trying to execute sap scripts on pc client. They get the error:
    Line 12: Char 4: Could not connect Object / Code: 80020009 / Source: Wscipt.CreateObject

    But other users with seemingly identical PC configuration don't have the error, and scripts work fine.

    Any clues on what causes this issue?

    John McKee

  3. Former Member

    Correct link on sap sdn to formatiing options:

    extras of example for preceding and leading texts




    The KNA1-PFACH field contains a customer PO box number. Since the text "PO Box" is not stored in the field along with the value, you would normally write the following for the PO box line of an address:

    PO Box &KNA1-PFACH&

    However, if no PO box has been specified, the text "PO Box"would still appear on its own in the address. To prevent this, use preceding or subsequent text (in this case, preceding text).

    PO Box &KNA1-PFACH& -> PO Box

    &'PO Box 'KNA1-PFACH& ->

    If a PO box has been specified, then this will be displayed together with the appropriate text in the normal way.

    &'PO Box 'KNA1-PFACH& -> PO Box 123456