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In this page all the SAP Business Workflow related blogs are listed

Workflow Blogs Page
Workflows for Dummies - Introduction(Part I)
Workflows for Dummies - Workflow Builder(Part II)

Dynamic Resolution of Approver and Approvee in Workflows

E-Mail Notification using MDM Workflow- Sample Scenario

Workflows from the scratch

Document Templates Creation in workflow

Workload Analysis in workflow

Versions of a workflow

How to use Workflow wizards?

Recording in Workflow

Import/Export of a Workflow

A couple of things to bear in mind about Duet-enabling workflows

Creating Local workflows

SAP Workflow meets Microsoft Office - a Duet of technologies

How to create your own rules in workflow

Agent determination in workflow using custom table

 Creating your first SAP Business Workflow

Correlations in SAP Business Workflow

Why use ABAP OO with Workflow?

Raising ABAP OO events for workflow

Link workflow business objects to your collaboration tasks!!

Getting started with ABAP OO for Workflow ... using the IF_WORKFLOW interface

Defining Exceptions in a method and handling the same in Workflow

Workflow in SAP NetWeaver

New e-learning material for SAP Business Workflow and Business Process Management

SAP Workflow meets Microsoft Office - a Duet of technologies

Clock in / out correction workflow

Workflow Estimation Tool, will it work for me?

Create Custom Business Object

Program Exits In Workflow

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