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A SPOOL_TEMSE_ERROR dump being reported by the SAP system when running a batch job can have it's source in memory (lack of) problems

In such cases it is advised to check the SAP System Log

Run transaction SM21 and look for entries like - 'Memory request (malloc) failed' before or in the same same time stamp as the SPOOL_TEMSE_ERROR dump

Possible other enteries will be similar to the following:

Message data
Date / Time         
Workprocess Type     BTC   Number  013
Client               <SAP system clinet number>
Transaction Code

Message details
Message ID           P05
Category             SAP Basis System
Message Text         Memory request (malloc) failed


Session details
Process ID           31129
Session              1
Package              SBAC

Technical details
SysLog type          l Error (Module, Row)
variable data        rstsgl__get_longer_buffer                           /bas/742 24#
Transaction ID       5506911275361DB0E10080000AE6020D
Overall Context ID   9257FFDC870B1ED4B1FA3D0BA82757A4
Connection ID        00000000000000000000000000000000
Call Counter         0

Parameter details
Message              rstsgl__get_longer_buffer
Program              /bas/742
Line                  24#


Documented text is:


A virtual storage request during the initialization of an SAP process has failed. Possible reasons: The swap area of the operating system is too small. The address area is blocked by obsolete "shared memory" segments.


Also refer to the SAP note: 161626 - No memory available in class PERM or SHORT

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