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When generating a Smart Form document you get an error with the following details:

  • Exception:     FORMATTING_ERROR
  • Message ID:  SSFCOMPOSER 250  /  SSFCOMPOSER250
  • Message:      Table row is larger than 176 cm


  • Generate a Smart Form document (usually through an application) where a lot of text is being inserted into a table cell in the Smart Form
  • The error message "Table row is larger then 176 cm" means that you tried to print an extremely large text (which is longer than 176 cm) into a table cell in the form.
  • This is a fixed restriction in Smartforms: The length of a single table cell cannot be longer than 176 cm.  There are only 5 digits to represent this (99999 TWIPs ~ 176 cm).


  1. Check whether it is really necessary to process such a long text.  If so, then ensure that the text is not put into a single table cell.
  2. The note 690836 describes a workaround.  You can either split the text into different table rows, or you can use a loop instead of a table (the limit only exists inside a table row).
    • 690836 - Table is written beyond lower margin of the window
  3. Therefore, there are only 3 possible solutions to this problem:
    1. Do not process so much text in the form table
    2. Split the text so it is not all in one single table cell
    3. Use a loop instead of a table


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