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You wish to increase or change the number of days, weeks or months that data is kept in transaction ST03


Transaction ST03. In the left-side pane there are a number of days, weeks and months to select for statistics data. You wish to increase these days, weeks and months for data to be retained in future


700 systems and higher:

  • In ST03, go to Collector and Performance DB -> Performance Database -> Workload Collector Database -> Reorganization -> Control
  • Make your changes for the Profile area(s) you wish to keep the data for. The most common for example is WA Task Type Profile. The 'Task types profile' is used for the Workload Overview in ST03.
  • Information on the profiles above can be found in the following online documentation. Adjust each profile area that you wish to keep data for.
  • Controlling and Monitoring the Generation of Statistics Data:

  • The maximum you should set each value to is 99, so do not set any of the retention periods higher than 99.
  • Save your changes. From now on, the ST03 data will be retained in future for the number of days, weeks and months you have specified here.

620 and 640 systems:

  • For older 620 and 640 systems, the retention periods are set in a different way in ST03: Collector and Performance DB -> Performance Database -> Reorganization
  • Here you set the retention "For standard data:" on the left, which is standard ST03 data, and "For other data:" on the right as specified in the windows. The retention times for both are set below the windows:

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