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The STAT files in the DIR_DATA directory start growing to very large sizes (for example each stat file could be hundreds of MB or more).  This can start filling up the file system.


The statistics data in the STAT file contains the statistics records as they are written from the kernel after each transaction step.  If the files grow very large, this is usually caused by a high number of RFC steps.


  1. To reduce the size of the stat files, you can reduce the number of RFC subrecords by setting the profile parameter 'stat/rfcrec = 1'.  (The default value of stat/rfcrec is 5).
  2. You can also reduce the number of stat files and therefore the overall size of your statistics files by reducing stat/max_files and stat/as_max_files.  This is described further in the note 6833:
    • 6833 - Deleting statistics file, size of statistics file


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