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The sappfpar check is run from the UNIX command prompt, run the R/3 sappfpar program to check the instance profile from an R/3 application server.

The following syntax can be used as a guide how to run:

/usr/sap/<SYSTEMNAME>/SYS/exe/run/sappfpar check pf=/usr/sap/<SYSTMENAME>/SYS/profile/<Profile name> nr=<System number> name=<System name> | more

 The following can sometimes be reported after running the report.

***WARNING: Unexpected parameter:

Possible reasons are that the parameter name is not known in sappfpar.

Possible causes for this are (from SAP note 659482):
1. The parameter name contains a typo. In addition, parameter names are case-sensitive.

2. The parameter is used in certain kernel components but was not disclosed in the kernel component for the parameterization and is, therefore, not known in sappfpar. The purpose of these parameters is to reduce the number of disclosed parameters but at the same time, to allow non-standard parameterization. If required, these parameters are disclosed in notes or suggested solutions.


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