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The purpose of this page is to describe some of the issues and solutions for saving a PDF spool with multiple parts to a file.


When you try to download a PDF spool containing several PDF parts to the Frontend PC or to a windows print server, only the first PDF part is downloaded to the file. It is not possible to download PDF spools with multiple parts in this way without some additional steps.The utility SAPPDFPRINT described in note 1444342  needs to be installed in the windows system to enable this capability.

Dowload to a users Frontend PC

Firstly you need to create a file priinter in the Frontend windows PC as described in note 576973. Then you need to create an output device in the SAP system via transaction SPAD with the following properties:

a. Host Spool Access Method: G: Printing on Frontend computer
b. Device Type: PDF1
c. Host Printer: <Shared Name> of the printer you set up in the Windows PC.

When you print a PDF spool via this output device, SAPPDFPRINT joins the mutiple PDF files together into a single PDF file and you are prompted to store this file at a location of your choice on the Frontend PC. You need to give the file a .pdf extension.

Download to a Windows Print Server

For the windows print server, the utilities SAPSprint and SAPPDFPRINT must be installed in the windows server. The option to SaveAsFile must be set in te SAPSprint OPtions Editor as described in the KBA 1786932. The general setting 'Print Output as File' in the SAPSprint Options Editor under tab SPASprint Processing should never be set as then all printers would be configured to print to a file. Then you need to create an output device in the SAP system via transaction SPAD with the folloiwng properties:

  1. Host Spool Access Method: S: Print on LPDHOST via SAP protocol
  2. Device Type: PDF1
  3. Host Printer: <Shared Name> of printer you set up in Windows.

Again, when you print the spool via this output device, the utility SAPPDFPRINT joins the bunch of PDFs together into a single PDF file on the SAPSprint server at the location specified in the SAPSprint Options Editor.

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  1. Very Important - SAP GUI and PDFPRINT should be latest Patches.

  2. Hi Aidan -

    We attempted to follow these steps, but once we successfully print the file, and try to open it up, it displays "There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired".

    Have you run into this?

    I tried SAP GUI 7.10 Patch 10 together with SAPPDFPRINT 7.30 Patch 6. I also installed SAP GUI 740, and the SAPPDFPRINT version on the SAP GUI 7.40 GUI CD with no luck. The spools I am attempting to convert into one file already shows as PDF's in SP01.

    Thank you...

  3. Hi Ronald,

    I have not seen this problem. I am using latest 730 SAPGUI and SAPPDFPRINT 32 bit patches. Another possible method is to mark the spool in Sp01 and select:

    Spool Request -> Forward -> Export as PDF from SP01.

    See SAP note 1717357 about this. Perhaps it is related to Adobe reader version. I did have one similar case reported in but I could not reproduce from the same system with my frontend. So it seems to be something on the frontend side. It may be useful to collect the Frontend logs as described in KBA 1780896.



  4. Hi Aidan -

    After looking in the trace file, I saw that it looks for sappdfpr.dll in c:\program files (x86)\SAP\FrontEnd\SAPgui\ ... But the Default install path for SAPPDFPRINT is different, so I reinstalled SAPPDFPRINT and pointed the installation to install under c:\program files (x86)\SAP\FrontEnd\SAPgui\ which resolved my issue.

    Thank you for the quick response.


  5. Hello,

    you can also check sap note 2304431. This enables SP01 to download mulitpart PDFs.