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Author: Andrea Olivieri
Submitted: 22 January 2009


SAP developed SNIF, a kind of "Exit Browser" that avoids launching dozen of transactions in the system (excluding the various checks).
I investigated thru the implementation of this program concluding that even if the idea is wonderful and the program is useful it could be enhanced to include other type of exits.
I'm glad to share with the great SDN Community my own extended version of the SNIF that detects all types of missing exits.

X-it RAY EYE was born
X-it RAY Eye means ... X-Ray Eye + X-it (= Exit) =>  X-it RAY Eye

Thus the abap that I share in this blog is the "son" of the SNIF program, because it uses his "architecture" with the difference that extends the search to the following types of exit:

  • Include USEREXITS
  • VOFM Form Routines
  • Exit for VALIDATIONS

The ECC Version of X-it Ray Eye extends the search to the enhancement implementations:

  • SOURCE CODE Enhancements
  • FUNCTION Enhancements
  • CLASS Enhancements
  • BAdI Enhancements

Some of these items are not properly ABAP, however I've collected them in the tool.

Main features:

  • The X-it Scanner detects only the active implementations of existing exit routines developed in the customer name range with the exception of include userexits and Vofm routines
  • For the VOFM routines the "customer" name range is determined by the group indicator
  • The original section of the "BAPI usage" by custom programs has been removed
  • In the X-it Scanner version for SAP R/3 Enterprise 4.7 and SAP ECC 5.0 the new concept of Enhancement introduced by ECC 6.0 is out of scope
  • Original language: EN English

Out of Scope:

  • Screen Variants and Transaction variants 

Available Versions:

  • ZSDN_EXIT_SCANNER for SAP R/3 Enterprise and SAP ECC 5.0

How to install?

Download the nugget file from here and import it in your SAP system using SAPLink. Then goto your inactive object list and activate all objects