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SeleniumABAP provides a ABAP Object interface to Selenium RC which is an OpenSource project that allows to automate web application testing. It was tested in the CRM WebUI and with WebDynpro. In addition to connect to Selenium RC it can read the SeleniumIDE HTML format and produce output for ABAPUnit and eCATT.


SeleniumABAP consists of a number of ABAP Object classes.


Represents a single Selenium Command with the parameters COMMAND, TARGET and VALUE.


Representing a test script created with SeleniumIDE. SeleniumIDE produces a HTML output which contains all recorded steps as a HTML table. All commands are saved inside a CL_OBJECT_COLLECTION using the ZCL_SELENIUM_COMMAND class.


A helper class to read the HTML file created by SeleniumIDE into a ZCL_SELENIUM object. The HTML parsing is done using the ABAP IXML interface.


Parent class for the different writer implementations. Providing an interface with a CONSTRUCTOR that sets the instance attribute with a ZCL_SELENIUM object and a CREATE method that returns the specific format as a string.


Implementation of a  ABAPUnit Export.


Implementation which exports a eCATT test script as XML. This file can be imported using transaction SECATT.


This class is created using the XSL-Transformations provided in the Blog Automate Web Application Testing with Selenium for ABAP. It is the connector to Selenium RC.