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Spool work process hanging on Semaphore 43 in SM50


Can be caused by a program error as described in note 1293472 or by deadlocks on TSP02 or TSPEVJOB as described in notes 1362343 and 996455


  • Check your kernel version and also implement parameter setting rspo/event_update_nocsec = 1 as described in the following Note on all app servers:
    • 1293472 - Spool work process hangs on semaphore 43
  • If this does not resolve the issue, check the following notes, which are another possibility:
    • 1362343 - Deadlocks in table TSP02 and TSPEVJOB
    • 996455  - Deadlocks on TSP02 or TSPEVJOB when you delete
  • Also check the following notes:
    • 661487 - Spool: Analyzing problems with semaphore 43
    • 181867 - Hang situations with SPO work process
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