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Single Transaction Analysis (ST12)

Further Reading

The Single Transaction Analysis was developed to promote the usage of ABAP trace inside SAP Support.
It integrates the ABAP- (SE30) and the Performance (ST05) Trace into one transaction.
Before you start:
ST12 is delivered as a part of the Service tools for Applications (ST-A/PI). SAP note 69455 describes how to get the latest version
of the ST-A/PI. Note that the ST12 transaction is not officially documented / supported and only available in the English language.  

Although it is mainly intended for use by SAP or certified service consultants during SAP Service Sessions, you can use it for your
own performance analysis. A description of ST12 is given in SAP note 755977 (ST12 "ABAP Trace for SAP EarlyWatch/GoingLive").  

ABAP trace view (SE30):

Performance traces view (ST05):

SQL summary view (ST05 statement summary):

Stat. records view (STAD):

ABAP Performance Tuning - English
ABAP Performance Tuning - German

The Current Mode Trace
The Workprocess Trace
The Task and HTTP Trace
Tracing a single step
Tracing function modules
ST12 Bottom up (call stack)
Storing additional information
New Feautres in ST-API 01N
New Feautres in ST-API 01N(SP1)
Schedule a trace


  1. Hello Hermann,

    you have a spelling error in the picture: "meassurement" should be "measurement".


  2. Unknown User (uztoqt2)

    Hello Hermann,

    ST12 trace tool is a very good trace tool and we used often.

    recently,  I got a problem when I performed the context trace for a RFC call. The collected RFC trace is not included internal table access. I have chosen the internal table option in ST12. but don't know why it missed in the collected RFC trace.

    don't find a blog to talk about the context trace. posted this quesiton in this blog.



  3. Hi Shelly,

    you are right, the context trace has not been covered in the blogs so far.

    The context trace is started with "kernel defaults" and that is without internal tables.

    I'll check if this could be changed....

    Kind regards,


  4. Former Member

    Dear Hermann,

    I wish there will be a better 'Performance trace' selection  as with ST05,so we can trace on some tables for all the ASs,or it's really a big Workload to do that.

    Thanks Yunze