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Applies to:

Developers who work on Smart Forms language translation requirements.


This white paper gives you the step by step procedure to translate the Smart Form from one language to another language (Language Translation) easily.


Company:    Larsen and Toubro Infotech Ltd.
Created on:    Date 9/15/2010
Author(s) Bio
SAP ABAP consultant with around 1 year of experience in Smart Forms, SAP scripts, Enhancements, Module Pool, Reports.

Language translation in smart forms:  

Language translation in smart forms 
Here are the steps...

1. Go to transaction 'SE63'.

2. Click on 'Translation' -> 'ABAP objects' -> 'Other long texts'.

3. Click on 'FS forms and Styles' and select 'SSF SAP Smart form'.

4. Then enter the smart form name in the object name text field.

5. Select the source language as English and the target language as the language u want to convert. (In our ex. Portuguese)

6. Click edit.

7. It will open the smart form in two frames.

8. Now add the translated content to the target text window and click 'Save Active'.

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  1. good indications. But for my is little bit confusing when don't have the same number of text betwen original language and destination language

  2. Hi Jose Antonio,

    that's why normally you first copy the whole source into the new language, and then start the translation. (via copy-icon or edit→copy source text).


    Un saludo