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Smart Form technology allows to design print forms. ABAP programs have to "call" them so that spools are generated, ready to be printed.

SMARTFORMS is the transaction to design the smart form layout.

  • It is possible to embed texts, images, tables, barcodes.
  • Importing parameters have to be defined so that an ABAP program can send the data to be printed.
  • When the smart form is activated, a function module is generated that an ABAP program has to call. You should never assume the name of this function module as it may change in each system after import. See below how to do.

SMARTSTYLES transaction allows to define paragraph and character formats (fonts, barcodes, etc.)

Though ABAP code can be entered in the Smart Form, it is best to not do it, and make the calling ABAP program pass all data via parameters. This will ease the conversion into Interactive Forms By Adobe. The only ABAP code
that needs to remain in the Smart Form is the part which handles page break processing (sub-totals and so on).

Smart Form technology has replaced SAPscript technology since release 4.6C, and has been superseded by Interactive Forms by Adobe since release 6.40.

Smart Form layout

Layout elements are well introduced in SAP Library - Smart Forms - Node Types Overview.

Parameters and variables can be printed using the SAPscript principle (ampersands around the variable name in the text nodes: &VARNAME&)

Calling the Smart Form from the ABAP program

ABAP program has to perform the following general steps:

    • It is used to get the generated function module corresponding to the smart form (when the smart form is activated)
  • CALL FUNCTION 'SSF_OPEN' (star) : opens the spool
  • CALL FUNCTION l_generatedfunctionmodule
    • There are 2 parameters CONTROL_PARAMETERS-NO_OPEN and CONTROL_PARAMETERS-NO_CLOSE that you must set to 'X'
    • You may call it several times (and even call different Smart Forms) so that several forms are stored in the same spool. It may also be used to share the same page counter.
    • Note: unlike SAPscripts, Smart Form has to be called once to be entirely printed.
  • CALL FUNCTION 'SSF_CLOSE' (star) : closes the spool

(star) It is also possible to not call SSF_OPEN and SSF_CLOSE: by default, a call to the generated function module will open and close the spool.

Parameters of the generated function modules are well introduced in SAP Library - Smart Forms - Parameters of the Generated Function Module

Known Problems

Smartforms Activation issue


Please refer to Smart Forms FAQ.


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  1. Rosse thanks for the efforts but Rose I feel you would have some screen shots  & atleast a few brief introducitons  I dont find any thing to learn here....(sad)


  2. Former Member

    Hi Sandra

    This is a great wiki. I see you have modified something on 26th May. I think  I downloaded an excel spread sheet that gives the details about the SAP Standard snartforms and their details. Did you remove it, if so could you please let me know the reason?

    I tried searching for them in our ECC system, but was not able to find./SMB79/

    Thanks, Raj 

  3. Hi Raj, you can see the changes which are made and explanations, by clicking the View Changes button, and then View History button.

    But I don't remember I've ever seen this excel here. Don't you confuse with the ones provided in SAP notes. /SMB... indicate it's the preconfigured smart forms. Theyare not delivered as standard. You'll get better answers by asking the question in the forum.

  4. Former Member

    Hi Gurus,

    Could you help me to create a smartforms driver program for FI. Please let me know whether its possible to create a smartforms for Customer invoice or Vendor invoice. If any standard program is there then please give me... Its big  thanks for me...