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TSP01-RQCRETIME in table TSP01 seems to show an incorrect time for spools.  It differs from the spool time in transaction SP01, which is correct.  This can be seen as follows:

  • Check spool number XYZ in transaction SP01 and see the spool creation time
  • Check the same spool number XYZ in table TSP01-RQCRETIME and see the spool creation time
  • The spool times for the same number spool differ


TSP01-RQCRETIME contains the spool creation time in UTC, so the time stamp as you see it will be out by the number of hours your timezone differs from UTC.

Transaction SP01 calculates the creation time from this field using the time zone setting of the user.  This way each user gets the correct time, even if you have users in different time zones


There is no correction or steps necessary to resolve anything here.  As per 'Overview' section above, SP01 calculates the creation time from table TSP01-RQCRETIME, from UTC to the correct time zone setting of the user

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