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  • Spool print parameters for SAPscript or Smartform spools that are set by the user or by a background job variant are sometimes ignored.
  • This is because the spool settings parameters can be passed from the application program and this will over-ride the user or BG variant settings. 


  • These spool parameters passed by the application are the responsibility of the application program.

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  • In the case of SAPscript, the settings are passed to the ITCPO-* parameters of function module OPEN_FORM for SAPscript spools.  For example ITCPO-TDIMMED = Print Immediately; ITCPO-TDDEST = Output device; etc.
  • You can see the structure ITCPO and its component options by going to SE11 → Data Type: ITCPO → Display

  • In the case of Smartforms, the settings are passed to the OUTPUT_OPTIONS-* parameters of the Smartform function module.  For example OUTPUT_OPTIONS-TDIMMED = Print Immediately; OUTPUT_OPTIONS-TDDEST = Output device; etc.
  • You can see these Smartform spool print parameters by going to SE11 → Data Type: SSFCOMPOP → Display
  • Also for Smartforms, there is the parameter 'USER_SETTINGS' which is set to 'X' by default.  Then the default print parameters of the user are used.  Otherwise the application must call the Smartform function module with this parameter set to ' '.
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