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  • When you print with frontend printer and access method F, the spool work process terminates
  • In the SM21 syslog there is the message:  R6 3  Work process is being terminated
  • In the SPO WP trace file there are entries like the following at the time of the issue:
      • *** ERROR => RFC: rfctr_init_handle: gui proto vers 0 [abrfcsys.c   7697]

      • *** ERROR =>   job 99642/1 found as current job -> processing will be aborted due to fatal error [rspojobs.c   1274]

      • *** ERROR => spool work process restarted due to fatal error [rspojobs.c   1752]

      • *** ERROR => ThWpHalt: halt wp (step 4, th_errno 5, action 2, level 1) [thxxhead.c   11445]



  • Problems occur during the data transfer by access method F
  • Access method F is obsolete and no longer supported



  • Only use access method G for frontend printing.  See note 821519 for further details:
      • 821519 - Front-end printing with control technology
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