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Step1: Create your transparent table as usual. The only special task is to include two additional fields for start and end date. Use predefined VIM_BEGDA and VIM_ENDDA.

Step2: go to tcode SE54, choose "Edit Table/View->Generated Objects", then click create button:

Choose "Environment->Generate Time-Dep.":

Maintain Function group name:

Make sure the table maintenance dialog is generated successfully:


Step3: now you can maintain time dependent table entries via tcode SM30.


I have maintained totally 4 entries with different valid from and valid to date and reviewed them in SE16:
In SM30, if I mark "No Restrictions" and click Display button:
the entry with valid from = 01/19/2014 and valid to = 01/20/2014 will not be displayed by default. 
Instead, we have to click "Expand <-> Collapse" to make it visible:
It is also possible to specify a time range of valid from or valid to date to get a list of a subset of entries:
For example, I would like to see only those entries whose valid from date fall into the range between 01/16/2014 and 01/19/2014:
and only these two entries meet the condition:

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