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When you print a barcode using a barcode true type font (method 4 of note 1557674), the barcode does not print correctly


Upload a ttf barcode font in SAP and define it in your form to print a barcode


  • In the form, the character format for the barcode should only be defined with the Font settings, not the Barcode settings
  • As you are using a font file for the barcode, you need to define it in the Font settings:
  • You should not define a barcode in the Barcode settings, this should be left blank
  • Ensure the ttf barcode font is uploaded correctly (note 1557674 point 4, and note 201307)
  • Check that the ttf barcode is defined correctly in your form:
    • The font is defined in the Font part of the format
    • The Barcode part of the format is blank
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