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Definition:  A task can be defined as an activity that can be executed within a workflow definition or independently. Tasks can refer to        automatically executable methods (background tasks) or they can need a user to execute them (dialog tasks).

Basic two types of Tasks:

1.) Single Step Task - A task can be part of a workflow definition as a step of the type activity.

2.) Multistep Task - When you create a workflow directly in the Workflow Builder, the multistep task is created by the system. 

The following further task types have been defined in SAP workflows:

Standard Task - Single step task, cross client, unrestricted validity period.

Customer Task - Single step task, client specific, validity period.

Workflow Template - Multistep Task, cross client, unrestricted validity period.

Workflow Task - Multistep Task, client specific, validity period.

Task Group - Collection of Standard Task, Workflow Template and other task groups.  

Tasks in Workflow -

Ø  An event triggers a workflow.

Ø  The workflow triggers a BO which may trigger a method or task.

Ø  The BO method can call a function module.

Important SAP Transactions Related to Tasks

•       PFTC_CHG          Change tasks    

•       PFTC_COP           Copy tasks         

•       PFTC_DEL            Delete tasks      

•       PFTC_DIS             Display tasks     

•       PFTC_INS            Create tasks      

PFTC      Tasks (Change/Display/Create/Copy/Delete)

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