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Transformations are used to filter and reorganize XML data into other XML data. Moreover, SAP proposes a special transformation called ID (as "identity") which transforms a variable into XML, or vice versa.

Transformations are maintained via the Transformation Editor (STRANS transaction). They may be called from ABAP programs via the CALL TRANSFORMATION transaction.

There are 2 transformation languages :

  • XSL Transformations, created by W3C
    • It is widely used by many programming languages
    • It may be used to convert from XML to XML, and exchange between variable and XML. 2 transformations need to be created to convert from variable to XML, and from XML to variable
    • It may be debugged via the Transformation Editor
  • Simple Transformations, created by SAP
    • It is used only for exchange between variable and XML, and is reversible (the same transformation may be used to convert a variable into XML, and to convert XML into a variable)
    • It may NOT be debugged via the Transformation Editor
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