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This wiki page is a step-by-step description of how to translate task descriptions using transaction SE63. Lets assume that you want to translate a task description from the original language (Swedish in this example) to a target language (English).


1. Step: System log on
Log on to the system choosing the original language of the workflow that you want to translate.
2. Step: Transaction SE63
Go to transaction SE63. Select Translate->Abap Objects->Transport Object.


3. Step: Object and translation entries
In the fields for Transport Entry of Object enter program ID, object type, and object name. In the translation area enter the source and target language and press the Edit button

4. Step: Select translation Object

Doubleclick on the translation object that you want to translate. In this example it is PDTS90100199 under the <WFLW> node.

5. Step: Translate
Do your translation and press save.


 6. Step: Check result