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  • When printing an OCR ttf for example, on the printout the OCR font is replaced by an Arial font
  • With SAPSprint the sapwin_xxx.log trace ( see KBA 1780925 ) shows the following:

    • Create new font OCR A Extended
    • New Font created, <wanted> got
    • Fontheight:    <-100>  112  Internal Leading:   12
    •           .....
    • Pitch & Family <0x00> 0x2f
    • Name <"OCR A Extended"> "Arial"


  • Print a form containing some true type font through a Windows host spooler
  • The ttf font is not installed correctly on Windows OS level


  • Sometimes the ttf font is not installed correctly on Windows OS level.  Try to install the font with two different approaches:
    1. From the command line:
      1. Delete the existing <font>.TTF from the Windows\Fonts directory of your print server
      2. Reboot the server
      3. After the restart copy a correct <font>.TTF to your print server and reboot one more time
      4. Test the print again
    2. From Windows Explorer:
      1. Use the same steps described above except the 'Install' context menu entry in Windows Explorer to install the font.  Also ensure you reboot the server two times.

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