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Author       : P. Surjith Kumar & Ravi Andela

Created on : 18th Aug 2010

Author Bio :

P.Surjith Kumar working as Senior Consultant in Enteg Technologies Pte Ltd., Singapore

Ravi Andela working as Senior Consultant in Enteg InfoTech pvt Ltd, Bangalore


Create a RFC (Remote function Call), publish it as webservice and test the Response.


 The Service for SOA Manager has to be active, in Transaction Code SICF you have to confirm it.

Steps to Publish the WebService

1)  Create a custom Remote enable function Module

2)  Call a BAPI to get User Details and based on the User id

3)   Publish the Function Module as a Web Service

4)  Go to Transaction Code SOAMANAGER and generate the WSDL File

5)  Then Go to the Mapped Enterprise Portal and Test the Response

1) Create a function Module  and make it as Remote Enable 

 2)      Call a BAPI to get User Details and based on the User id

Execute the Function Module


3) Publish the Function Module as a Web Service

Make the RFC as Web Service as mentioned below.












Once Created the below message will appear.

4)      Go to Transaction Code SOAMANAGER and generate the WSDL File


Then a Browser Window will appear as below. Then Click "Single Service Administration" as highlighted.


 Enter the Service Name.


Then the Respective Web Service object will appear here. Then Select it and Click "Apply Selection".


Then the below window will appear.


 Then Click "Open WSDL document for selected binding" as highlighted.


Then a new window will WSDL will appear as shown below.



Save the WSDL as XML File and Note the URL.


Then go to EP URL http://PortalHost:50100/index.html

Then Click "Web Services Navigator"Then the following Window Will Appear.

5) Then Go to the Mapped Enterprise Portal and Test the Response

Then Give the WSDL url

Then Click "Next" button.

Then the Same Screen will Appear.

Then Give the User id & Password for the web service provider system and Press Submit.

Then Click as highlighted below.


Click on Web service name for entering the parameter to be passed to web service

Now you will find the input boxes for the parameters of the webservice

Give the User id (i.e. input) and click on "Send" button

You can find the response from the web service here.* *


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