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Are you pissed off by exploring SCN to upload an excel file into abap/ webdynpro…? The entire time end up uploading the excel file by converting it to a tab limited/ comma separated files..? Are you badly hit by performance issues, by using standard function modules for en excel file upload?? Seeking for a better solution to achieve this… here you go…XLSX Upload - A Unified Approach  we have a unified way to upload an excel file into abap/ webdynpro…


Benu Mariantony

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  1. Dear Benu,

    thank you for providing this alternative aproach to what can be done with abap2xlsx. I hope you are aware of this project. It supports also the creation of an XLSX file in pure ABAP so you can also provide the .xlsx via WebDynpro ABAP and have a full cycle of download, edit in Excel and upload back to SAP.

    Best regards

  2. Hi Benu,


    It was really helpful.

    Kindly help if you have similar kind of document for downloading .xlsx via SAP GUI and formatting the sheet like making columns non-editable.