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In the SAP Enterprise Portal there is the Application Integrator which allows to integrate different back-end systems in the Portal UI. This project tries to do the same based on the NetWeaver Web Application Server ABAP only.


Please contact Gregor Wolf if you like to provide a patch.


You can download a SAPlink package here.

Transaction Launcher with SAP GUI for Windows support

The first thing the ZAPP_INTEGRATOR supports is a BSP Page that accepts parameters like the SAP Enterprise Portal Action Handler "SAPTransactionLauncher". By providing a SSD (Structured Storage Document) or SSF (SAP Shortcut File) File we can launch the transaction using the SAP GUI for Windows.

This are the currently supported parameters:


Currently this parameters are not supported:

GuiType=WinGUI - WinGUI is the Default GUI

Example URL:


The special characters needed to provide more than one ApplicationParameter are:

= equals %3d
; equals %3b

But have a look into the transaction_test.htm page coming with the BSP application there I use the cl_bsp_runtime=>construct_bsp_url method to build the URL dynamically.

How does it work?

The transaction.htm page will read all the parameters passed and will use a little bit of JavaScript to read the SAP Logon Ticket (MYSAPSSO2 Cookie). All that is passed to the tx.sapssd page which takes the input and creates a SSD or SSF using the class ZCL_APP_INTEGRATOR.


To install this package using SAPLink, you have to Install the Plugin for BSP Pages available at

Also you have to manually create and import the file tx-template.sapssd with the MIME Type "application/" to the MIME folder of the BSP Application. Here are the steps to create this file:

  1. As a prerequisite I expect that your Portal System Landscape contains a WebAS ABAP system with the Alias SAP_R3
  2. Logon to your SAP Enterprise Portal using Firefox
  3. Open the URL: http://<PortalServerFullQualifiedHostname>:<Port>/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/
  4. Save this file locally
  5. Open the file with a HEX Editor like XVI32 from
  6. Point the cursor somewhere after the SAP Logon Ticket string. I've chosen HEX Address D2F
  7. Choose Edit -> Block mark
  8.  Point the cursor somewhere below. I've chosen HEX Address 1275
  9. Choose Edit -> Block mark again. The marked text should be displayed in red
  10. Copy the Block to the Clipboard using CTRL + C
  11. Point the cursor to HEX Address A04 where you should see the beginning of the Text /STARTGUI
  12. Choose Edit -> Block copy/overwrite
  13. Save the File

Please check the CONSTRUCTOR method of the ZCL_APP_INTEGRATOR class to adopt the connection settings to your own needs.

If you want to single sign on to other than the local systems you have to install the local system's certificate which you can download from transaction STRUSTSSO2 in the other systems. They also have to share the same domain name like


  1. Hi Gregor,

         I'm tring to apply your ZAPP_INTEGRATOR, but I have a question about excanging parameters with R/3 .

    Do I able to receive a paramenter from R/3 and store this value in CRM? ex. the OBJECT ID of the sales order created

    Thanks in advance for your support


  2. Former Member

    Hi  Gregor Wolf,

    Could you please provide any other way to create tx-template.sapssd MIME object. Because, we don't have Portal in my system. Then How can i create that object. I f you provide these details, it will be more helpful to me.