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This type of dump occurs mainly because the local time zone settings
of all of the processes running an SAP-System are not technically equal
(SAP R/3 work processes, DB listener, etc ...). It comes up if the
database determines a time difference to the application servers.
Restarting all servers can also be a good solution, because an external
program (like an external time synchronizer) could have changed the time
of one of the servers in the past leading to this inconsistency.

Short dump ZDATE_ILLEGAL_DBTIME occurs when a time difference is found
within a work process or when it happens between an Application server
and Database server.
The reason for the dumps is most likely a change of the time of the DB
server on operating system level.
When this happens the only way to resolve this issue is to shut down the
DB and restart it. While the SAP Application Server is running,

Also run the report RSDBTIME according to the SAP Note 101726
and check the result for this problem:

We recommend that you refer to the following notes for more information
about this issue:

102088 - Reducing downtime when changing from summer to winter time
101726 - Incorrect times and time zone setting



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