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abap2xlsx is a complete library for the creation of professional Excel (XLSX) from scratch.

Community project is shared on GitHub and it is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 

Read the presentation blog to the community abap2xlsx - Generate your professional Excel spreadsheet from ABAP

What are the business advantages?

What are the technical advantages?

Official blogs:

For any issue or question related to the framework please use


  1. After importing the transport files:

    None of the demos are running: implementations missing:

    An exception occurred that is explained in detail below.
    The exception, which is assigned to class 'CX_SY_DYN_CALL_ILLEGAL_METHOD', was
     not caught in
    procedure "CONSTRUCTOR" "(METHOD)", nor was it propagated by a RAISING clause.
    Since the caller of the procedure could not have anticipated that the
    exception would occur, the current program is terminated.
    The reason for the exception is:
    It was tried to call a not-implemented method

    Best regards,


  2. Hello Stefan,

    i had the same problem.

    I implemented the method in  ZCL_EXCEL_WORKSHEET as an empty method.

    now the examples are working.

    I think there will be a fix with the correct implementation in a view days.



  3. Former Member

    Hi All ,

    I Have succesfully converted my reports to xlsx, but now my problem is i want to use merge cells functionality which is not supporting in my older version,now i want to download abap2xlsx nudd file but i am not getting newer version of that file & also suggest how implement merge cells in xlsx

  4. Unknown User (cc3of7h)


    I have succesfully installed abap2xlsx .   But  when I want to open the generated .xlsx  files to popups occurs :

    •   Excel found unreadable content in 'XXXX. xlsx' .  Do you want to recover the contents of this workbooj ?  If you trust the source if this workbook , click Yes.
    •   Repairs   to 'XXXX.xlsx'    ... Excel completed file level validation and repair. Some parts of this workbook may have been repaired or discarded.    [Close]

    Probably those are Excel - issues .   How can those popups be avoided ?



  5. Hi Jan,

    can you please open an issue also providing if possible the report you're using to create the XLSX file and the created XLSX. Are you able to open the content created by the Demo reports without errors?

    Best regards

  6. Unknown User (101r1dxv0)


    I can't download sap link file of abap2xlsx from SAP Code Exchange.

    It says

    Code Exchange Terms of Use

    You have already accepted the Code Exchange Terms of Use and your request is being processed.
    You can download them here for your reference.

    Best regards.

  7. Unknown User (hzz1vs7)

    Please use the code exchange platform for comments or issue.

    @Frank please do not cross post. You have to forward your request to SAP Code Exchange Team, we cannot do nothing with the code exchange TOU related error.

  8. Unknown User (cmi9gjc)

    My installation is missing class ZCL_EXCEL where I can get this class. I can activate ZCL_CHTMLB_TAB_EXCEL_EXPORT class.

    Please let me know.

  9. Dear Ian,

    please try to install the latest build or stable version from the project homepage at and if it still fails let us know in the project discussion forum.

    Best regards


  10. Hi team,

    I have a problem with the code in background.

    My Program does not work in background but the same code works in fore ground. Could you please help me if there are any setting for the same.



    Prasanth Kasturi

  11. Dear Prasanth,

    unfortunately we don't have a crystall ball to analyze your problem. Please describe it in more detail and especially let us know if it is abap2xlsx related. Have you based your code on one of the examples?

    Best regards

    1. Hi Gregor,

      Good one (smile).. 

      It is related to ABAP2XLSX.

      The below is the report program. When I check the data placed in the application server I find some garbage values. This is the same way I placed my code in app server in background mode but with the difference that I used  the below code as my excel comprises of tables.

            lo_worksheet->bind_tableip_table          <fs_history_data>
                                      is_table_settings ls_table_settings
                                      it_field_catalog  lt_fieldcat ).


      REPORT  zdemo_excel25.

      DATAlo_excel                TYPE REF TO zcl_excel,
            lo_excel_writer         TYPE REF TO zif_excel_writer,
            lo_worksheet            TYPE REF TO zcl_excel_worksheet.

      DATAlv_file                 TYPE xstring.

      CONSTANTSlv_file_name TYPE string VALUE '25_HelloWorld.xlsx'.
      DATAlv_default_file_name TYPE string.

          logical_path        'LOCAL_TEMPORARY_FILES'  " Logical path'
          file_name           lv_file_name    " File name
          file_name_with_path lv_default_file_name.    " File name with path
      " Creates active sheet
      CREATE OBJECT lo_excel.

      " Get active sheet
      lo_worksheet lo_excel->get_active_worksheet).
      lo_worksheet->set_titleip_title 'Sheet1' ).
      lo_worksheet->set_cellip_column 'B' ip_row ip_value 'Hello world' ).

      CREATE OBJECT lo_excel_writer TYPE zcl_excel_writer_2007.
      lv_file lo_excel_writer->write_filelo_excel ).

      OPEN DATASET lv_default_file_name FOR OUTPUT IN BINARY MODE.
      TRANSFER lv_file  TO lv_default_file_name.
      CLOSE DATASET lv_default_file_name.

  12. Former Member

    Hi,  First, the project is excellent.  I'm trying to password protect a workbook.  I have looked at the examples in  ZDEMO_EXCEL17,  ZDEMO_EXCEL18.   The sheet protection works great, but I am not able to get the workbook protection functioning.  In Excel 2010,  I am not getting the window to enter a password to read the file.  Maybe I'm not using the class corectly.  Please any suggestions?

    lo_excel->zif_excel_book_protection~protected = zif_excel_book_protection=>c_protected.

    lo_excel->zif_excel_book_protection~workbookpassword = zcl_excel_common=>encrypt_password( p_pwd ).

    1. Hi Cindi,

      the functionality is not an OOXML standard, but it is an MS Excel native implementation.

      abap2xlsx aims to fully support only OOXML functionalities... 



  13. EDIT: Problem solved by reinstalling nugget.


    I have downloaded and installed the latest version of ABAB2XLSX (V 7).

    Installation was quite a hassle but finally and a few short dumps later I managed it. Now, when running the demos, there are only zero-bytes files generated. While debugging DEMO1  I see that lo_worksheet is created and filled with data. But when I debug the statement lcl_output=>outputlo_excel ) I can't find any data of the worksheet. It seems like it gets lost somewhere.

    This effect applies to all demos. Any idea? Many thanks in advance


  14. Anonymous

    It is best to get SAPlink-plugins_Daily.nugg (12th May 2013) SAPlink_Daily.nugg  (both 31 Jan 2014)
    and  other 2 from SVN of 

    However we have NW 701 and hit 2 problems with syntax errors in
    1st got solved by 

    ZCL_EXCEL_READER_HUGE_FILE has 2 "huge" problemsfor NW 701 folks like me

    1. This syntax not 701 version
      error = |Entry { iv_index } not found in Style Table|.
    2. cl_abap_codepage  class is not there in NW701 

     ZCL_EXCEL_READER_HUGE_FILE is perhaps new and incompatible to 701 

    So in the end everything is fie & working apart for the class  ZCL_EXCEL_READER_HUGE_FILE
    which may not needed by me

    Jayanta Choudhuri
    Kolkata India 


  15. Hi Jayanta,

    please refer to GITHub for question

    ZCL_EXCEL_READER_HUGE_FILE is not a core file and can be deleted if you don't need the functionality.




  16. Former Member


    I know i'm 1 year late. I am using ZCL_EXCEL now to download invoices from SAP to local directory. When I test my program using only 3-10 invoices, i am not encountering the error 'Excel was able to open the file by reparing or removing the unreadable content'. But when I tried 500 or more, i am encountering the error and the excel file does not have any entry.

    My program will create an excel file with 4 sheets. In my program i used SET_TABLE method instead of SET_CELL since i do not need any formatting.

    Any help would be appreciated.




  17. Hi Isaac,

    please open a discussion in SCN so someone can assist you easily.

    Thank you


  18. Former Member

    Hi Evan,


    Whenever i execute your program iam getting an error message, Please help me to avoid this message.

    "Excel found unreadable content in '~ SAP{B42E6958-3FA4-4423-9f59}.xlsx'. Do you want to recover the contents of this workbook? If you trust the source of this workbook, click Yes.

    Thanks ,

    Sanjay D


    1. Dear Sanjay,

      please report problems with as much detail as possible at

      Best regards

  19. DEMOs  are all empty?

    I have installed and activated all the objects on the  latest nugget build successful  but all my demos are empty..

    I reinstall the nugget again but still same issue.

    why are demos all empty? where can I find the souce code for the,?


  20. Please report issues via the link you see in my post above.

    1. Hey Greg,

      looks like the weblink you provided is down..



      1. I ment my post. But thank you for pointing out that the Wiki page needs also an update. Please post issues here.

        1. Thanks Greg, I have opened an issue.





  21. How do I convert this excel in pdf?

    1. It depends on your landscape. PDF conversion is not a functionality of abap2xlsx.

      For more details or support I would suggest to post on SCN a general ABAP question for PDF conversion


  22. Hello Ivan,

    Above are the links are not working. I have an excel formatted template in OAOR(with colors etc), I would like to manipulate this template using ABAP and send an email using this template as an attachment. And would like to do this in Background. Can you please suggest me with any sample program or any process how to achieve this?

    1. Dear Saleem,

      I've updated the links. Please try again.

      Best regards

    2. Saleem any example as the possibility to send the excel generated as email attachment.

      Demo15 is an example for reading an excel and writing it back.


      1. Hi Ivan,

        Thanks for your reply.

        Can you please suggest or provide any demo program how to send an formatted excel(OAOR) in background? Seems that Demo15 doesn't meet my requirement.



        1. Any demo as the functionality to send an excel in an email, so you can easily check the code.


  23. Hi Ivan,

    I tried to import the nugget ABAP2XLSX_V_7_0_6 and the log shows that the objects are installed successfully, but when I see the objects they doesn't actually exist. They even doesn't exists in Inactive Version. Please find the below log of the report. I want to have all the excel demo programs/Classes and Interfaces in my system so that I can check with report would be helpful for my requirement(Excel with email attachment in background). Can you please do the needful in solving my issue.







    PROG ZDEMO_EXCEL15 already exists. Use overwrite orginals option to replace












  24. I'm able to upload all the programs. 

    Thanks for your help. 

  25. hi folks, 

    many thanks for this, it is a real help in a daily life of a consultant.

    There are now XLSB files in Excel possible, unfortunate far away from XML. Is there a chance to get those loaded via ABAP as well?

    Best Regards and many thanks for this, Thomas


    1. Hi Thomas,

      xlsb is an Excel Binary Workbook and is not supported via abap2xlsx.


  26. Hello,

    We upgraded MS Office in December. Now each time we access an Excel-file from SAPGui/vis SAP, users get a popup-warning "Excel cannot open the file '*.xlsx' because the file format or file extension is not valid". Not critical, but extremely annoying.

    The files are correct XLSX-files: If we open them directly from Excel, we don't get any popup-warnings.

    Microsoft recommends to keep this security check on. Switching it off is currently no option.

    We face this problem both when accessing XLSX-files via SAP:s OLE-function modules and via ABAP2XLSX-classes.

    As you are experts om this area:
    Is there an elegant way to get MS Excel to not complain any more?
    Or should I raise a SAP-ticket and wait for a solution from SAP?

    I appreciate any hints - thank you in advance (smile)
    / Ulrich


  27. Hi Friends,

    After installed all Abap2xlsx pack everything run fine but my "special" client request for the files in XLS format and not XLSX. The problem with XLS format is that after it's created a  warning excel pop-up is display with  "format and extension are no the same....."  ¿it's possible save it as XLS format without this pop-up?


    I appreciate a lot your helpfully comment or suggestions.


    1. Dear Elton,

      abap2xlsx does not support XLS. It is a binary format. Ask your client to pay for the development and you're welcome to enhance abap2xlsx. But can your special client give a reason why XLS is needed instead of XLSX?

      Best regards

      1. Thanks you!!

        Best regards


  28. Hello Gregor,

    I am using ABAP2XLSX project for my requirement of formatted excel with image. But unfortunately i am unable to insert images by using drawing and  SET_MEDIA method. 

    I am getting image in URL format and image need to be embedded in excel. 

    Quick help is much appreciated. 


    praveen Gupta

    1. Hi Praveen,

      have you checked for a solution? Have you tried the demo report? I think you need the binary data of the image. So use the ABAP HTTP Client to get the image from the URL and then you should be able to embedd it.

      Best regards

      1. Hi Gregor, 

        Thanks for your quick reply.

        Yes, i have checked all the open issue on the page, and i have taken reference from ZDEMO_EXCEL16 and ZDEMO_EXCEL38.

        Exactly i have done the same as given below.

        1. Get http_client  from cl_http_client=>create_by_url by providing URL.
        2. Get xstring content by using http_client->response->get_data).
        3. lo_drawing->set_media( ip_media       = lv_content
                                   ip_media_type  = 'png'
                                   ip_width = 83
                                   ip_height = 160 ).
        4. Final i am using  cl_wd_runtime_services=>attach_file_to_response to download file from WD application.

               Unfortunately it is not embedding image into excel.

        Please suggest if i have made any mistake.


        Praveen Gupta

        1. As a next step I would check what was generated into the XLSX (ist is just a ZIP file). If you need more support you need to hire someone who will digg deeper.