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  • There are problems printing to label printers (using the ABAP plugin method described in note 1097563)
  • In the SPO work process trace file there are the following errors at the time of the problem:
    • *** ERROR => error 2048 set in spool C call *** ERROR => error message 'Error from TemSe' in spool C call


  • Setup a label printer to print from SAP (again, as described in note 1097563)
  • The device driver is not installed correctly for the device type


  1. Install the device driver correctly for the device type you are trying to use, as described in note 1103422:
    • 1103422 - SAP Printer Vendor program: Installing device types, etc.
  2. See the section "Installing device drivers:" in this note and follow through the steps.

Use this structure to help you compose your contributions for WIKI and at the same time will ensure spelling and grammar.

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